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How Our Attorneys Can Help:

  • Argue for you to be released on your “own recognizance”  thus saving you thousands of dollars in bail fees. Then you can return to your family, school or job and get back to your life.
  • We appear in Court on your behalf for Infractions and Misdemeanors  so you don’t need to go to court for your case management. Don’t miss school or work. If you live out of town, it could take hours to drive to court, wait for hours for your case to be called, then drive home. Let us appear in court and advocate for YOU.
  • Aggressively protect your rights from the moment we take on your case. Typically, a police report will not contain all the information in your case. There are dispatch logs and recordings, videos, Police calls and warrants that all require information not initially provided. We will review your case and demand this information. We file motions with the court requiring you receive the discovery in your case.  
  • We make every effort to receive alternative sentencing   such as work programs, court observation, electronic monitoring, and medical/counseling programs instead of jail.
  •  Our Criminal Defense Firm manages your case based on your special concerns. There may be dates when you really need your driver’s license, or a job you may loose if you’re in jail. We will learn about your concerns and work with the courts to set dates for hearings, court dates and jail or alternative programs. Your Chico Criminal Defense attorney manages your case for YOUR schedule and needs.
  •  Evaluate every piece of evidence File motions with the court to receive any missing evidence that can show your innocence such as witness statements, 911 recordings, and video interviews.
  •  File appropriate motions to inspect the calibration of the equipment used to measure alcohol levels, medication, and drugs.
  • File appropriate motions to suppress any illegal search or seizure    or violation of your Constitutional Rights.
  • Prepare a defense strategy for you. If you have been arrested you must act quickly. Memories will fade, information may be lost. Preserve the information you need for your defense.
  • Save You Money  If you have been accused of a crime, a professional Criminal Defense lawyer can be less expensive than pleading to the charges. This makes insurance expensive, employers upset, license suspensions longer. If your Chico Criminal Defense lawyer can reduce your sentence even a bit, you will often save both the money and aggravation that accompany a criminal accusation.

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