Things You Need For Moving into Your New Place Fall 2017

College is a time to learn. However, you will learn many of life's most important lessons outside of the classroom. It is off campus that you will learn about yourself, your lifestyle,  and how to work with others. By the time you've completed your "formal education", it is our hope these lessons were beneficial as opposed to harmful.  For most college students, this is the first time away from their parents home. With all this freedom comes the heavy responsibility of managing your own life, your own schedule, your own grocery list, your own habits. It is the time to learn how to manage alcohol and drug use, or learn that those substances are more harmful than enjoyable. It can be a difficult time; and a real challenge to get your life in order. You will learn to handle stress, handle friends, learn to make good friends, get rid of bad ones and make decisions that will effect the quality and safety of your life, health and future.

Sometimes what seems to be the right thing or the easy thing can have terrible consequence. An example would be your roommate who sells drugs out of your rental, and you answer the door telling the "customer" to go sit out by the car while your roommate comes out. This can result in an arrest for your participation in drug sales.  It sounds crazy, but it has happened to Chico State students before.  Another example would be you and a person you want to have sex with gets drunk or stoned and then have sex. If someone is too drunk or stoned to express consent, this is considered rape. Again, it happens, and students have been arrested for it. 

If you are questioned by the police, or they want to talk with you, you have the right to remain silent. There is a reason why this is one of your constitutional rights!! STAY Silent !! You may contact our office and an attorney can be available should you need one. We can contact the police and tell them you don't wish to speak with them. Our Attorneys can schedule to be with you and talk to the police if you want an attorney to be present.  We are Chico State graduates, who understand the situation you are in, and the peril that you face. 

Welcome Chico State Students and Be Careful !!

The Chico Community welcomes you to your new home and place of education.

We hope this experience fosters achievement in all areas of your life, but especially in your knowledge to fulfill your life’s dreams and serve your community. Your exposure to new people and dedicated professors may be an essential part of a rigorous and broad-minded education, a flourishing society, and a good life.