CA DUI Laws:


Arrested? We can help! A DUI charge means driving with alcohol or drugs in your system. The Prosecutor will claim that the amount of alcohol and or drugs impaired your ability to drive safely. Your Chico DUI attorney will evaluate your case and explain these laws and defenses. If you’re arrested, call for a free consultation. We are retired law enforcement, college professors, and prior prosecutors who understand the law. We a private investigator on staff, and are prepared to help you!


How Our DUI Attorneys Can Help:

We can appear in court on your behalf, evaluate every piece of evidence, prepare a defense strategy, and save you money. An experienced  DUI Lawyer can be invaluable. We’ll manage your case around your work and education schedule. We have successfully argued for alternative programs instead of jail time. We file motions to inspect the equipment used to measure your alcohol levels. If you’re arrested for a DUI, call for a free consultation. We are a winning team at trial. 


Underage  Alcohol Laws:

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Young people make mistakes. A good kid may find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. A conviction for those under 21 are quite punitive. We can handle your Chico  DUI case with a young person’s future in mind. There is a mandatory 1 year driver’s license suspension for any alcohol related conviction. We successfully handle Minor in Possession cases. Let our Chico DUI Lawyers fight for your rights! Read what one parent said about us here.